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What we do

Annapurna Treasures is a people connection company. Every year we take several trips across the globe to Asia and visit countries like Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, and more. We spend several months searching the world for the best stuff we can find, the unique and original, and the bright and the beautiful.

How we do it

We travel to remote locations few tourists will ever see and wander through villages, local night markets, weekend markets, bazaars, and other great locations in search of the world’s hidden treasures that we bring to you… Our customers. We search far and wide and we have been doing so for almost twenty years. Over that time we have become experts in our field and have developed good relationships with our suppliers, many we have known from the beginning, while every year new friends are added to our supply chain. In order to keep things in balance we always do our best to make sure we buy direct from those who create the products we sell and never buy anything from sweatshops and child labor mills, and those who take advantage of the less fortunate, and prey on humanity. All of our products are individually handmade handicrafts and come from local villages, Mom & Pop shops, village cooperatives, and the individuals we meet on every trip we take.

A bustling street market in Asia.

Annapurna Adventures

In some adventures we take we happen upon very unique and original products with a great story to go along with it, such as these very clever, environmentally friendly, and socially productive wallets, iPad, and Laptop cases made from recycled cement bags (pictured below). They are made by victims of land mine accidents in Cambodia and the cooperative helps these people by giving them a skill and opportunity to make their own way and not have to resort to street begging.

Handmade from recycled cement bags in Cambodia.

Hands on experience

From April to October we are busy working all the huge Summer and Fall festivals around the USA, and we have been doing so for over fifteen years. From our experience s with our customers at these festivals and shows we know what sells, what is in high demand, and more importantly… What isn’t popular and doesn’t sell well. That is why we sell out almost completely every season and have done so for many years. Our experience with our own direct sales and our travel and buying expeditions is what gives us our unique knowledge and ability to keep our product lines current and in high demand. So many other retail sellers at festivals and Summer shows asked us if they could buy wholesale from us that after a few years we finally decided to do so, after resisting for the longest time.

It was a good decision. And so we bring you Annapurna Treasures, the name of our company inspired by our travel and buying expeditions throughout greater Asia. I have also personally trekked solo around the Himalayan mountain ranges and so was inspired by my journeys to create our logo to reflect those incredibly inspiring travels.

We look forward to working with you and helping you to succeed in your own personal journey and adventure.

Annapurna Treasures