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F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

Our business is wholesale to the public and we are not a retail outlet. Our customers purchase in bulk for their retail stores, large public events, city, state and county fairs, and festivals, and more. We do not sell single items retail to the general public.

Our minimum purchase order is USD $3,000. That means the total of your order must exceed the $3,000 minimum limit upon checkout or it will not be processed.

Yes. We can accept custom orders if it is in line with the products we sell. We do not create or design prototype products or sample items. If you would like to have different colors, lengths, or product set arrangements, this is something we can discuss with you. Contact us for more details on how to place a custom order.

This depends on our stock on hand. In most cases we are fully stocked at all times but during high seasons like Summer and Christmas our stock may decrease. If your order is large it may take 4-6 weeks before you receive it. Most of our wholesale orders take 4-6 weeks to receive after ordering.

Yes, we certainly do and it is stocked with ten 40 foot containers of goods every season. During busy seasons like Summer or Christmas we may run out of stock on some of the most popular items we sell, especially at Christmas time. We strongly suggest you order at least three months in advance to avoid any possible glitches or delays.